What's the current status of Mango Pipeline Development Roadmap?
Mango Pipeline Phase 1 has been completed and currently being used in production. About 75% of Phase 2 has been deployed and is being tested by current Mangosoft clients. Phase 3 has been started and should be release late 2015. For more information on the different development phases of the Mango Pipeline please check out the Roadmap.

What Are Mango Friendly Apps?
Mango Friendly Apps are applications that are used in the Mango Pipeline. They are fully-integrated with the Mango Pipeline workflow.

Which operating systems are compatible with the Mango Pipeline?
Currently, the Mango Pipeline runs on Windows. In the future, it will also run on Mac and Linux. 

How do I get Mango running at my studio?
All you need to do to is schedule a deployment. After paying the initial fee, an engineer will log into your network securely via Team-viewer or LogMeIn. The engineer will then download the latest image of The Mango Pipeline, install it, and configure it to work in your studio and with your storage configuration. The engineer will also collaborate with your IT department to make sure that optional 3rd party apps that interface with Mango are properly installed and configured. In addition to the previously described services, the deployment also include 40 hours of live online training and 12 months of the standard service agreement, which includes bug fixes, regular updates, and access to the Zendesk page. If the client prefers on-site training, this can be arranged for an additional fee. 

How long does a deployment take?
The initial deployment usually takes one workday. After the initial deployment,  the engineer will have to create modules for all the plugins used by software (e.g., 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke, etc.). The creation of modules can take a few days depending on how many plugins are needed. The average studio can begin using the Mango Pipeline about five business days after deployment,

How much does the Mango Pipeline cost?
Please contact our sales department for the latest pricing information.


Mango Friendly Apps